November 13, 2016

Our Engagement

  • The Proposal

    David Fortier River Park, OH

    "Surprises are beautiful as they come without waiting."  To say the least, this was a day I will cherish forever as it included the best surprise of my life.  It was our eighth month anniversary and I was under the impression that we were meeting my sister and her husband for dinner.  My sister had been working secretly with Kyle to carry out his plan to propose to me.  I met her in the afternoon, as she wanted to show me some beautiful spots for trail running.  Those who do know, I love to run. 

    As she was driving, she passed the entrance to the park but quickly commented..."Oh, Shawn always drives us and I dont' really pay attention to where he is going."  I did not think twice about it...the truth was she had no idea where she was going as she was secretively trying to look at her GPS during our drive there.   

    We arrive...the weather up until this point consisted of rain only, but once there, the skies cleared.  Kyle had texted my sister a describtive map of which trail to walk down to where he would be waiting.  As we are walking, we are going over tree branches, slippery rocks and I turn to my sister and said “you and Shawn really trail run here?"  She replies, "yes of course"...I think "Wow! These two are hard core." 

    Finally we get to the spot where Kyle is hiding behind a huge tree and my sister says "why don't you go first."  I think that is strange, but okay.  As I walk down to the waterfall, Kyle appears and my jaw literally drops.  For you see, the entire time prior he had been texting me that he just got off work and would be heading up to Cleveland soon.  We live about an hour away from Cleveland.  Thus, I was totally surprised!  He takes my hand and walks me out to the this point, I am thinking that he just surprised me early, so I am taking pictures telling him "look how beautiful this is." 

    He then turns my attention towards him and opens the Bible to one of this favorite scriptures...Ecclesiates he is reading the scripture, it dawns to me...I think he is going to propose and before that thought was over...he pulls the tassle of his Bible around and the ring is tied to the tassle.  He gets down on one knee and aks me if I will marry him…there are truly no words to describe my happiness, and for that moment, I will keep it special and sacred between him and I. 

    By far the day was not over…next we meet up with Shawn, who earlier when I saw him acted as if he had an urgent business call and had to head inside the house.  Little did I know he was just trying to prevent me from coming into my sister’s house to see everything that was set up for our special day.  So, we get a beer at a local vendor, sit on the patio and laugh…then head back to the house.  

    At the house, we now were in full motion to announce this happy news…starting with parents.  My parents were supposedly still far away on their trip out West.  Thus, a phone call and some texts were all I could do to share this moment with them…at least that is what I thought.  My sister and Shawn made sure to have everything set up for face timing my dad, Matt, out West, which was special a very special moment. 

    Next, my sister tells me she wants to take me upstairs to show me something…as we enter her bedroom there was a special dress, high heels, jewelry and a clutch all purchased for me.   Surprise again!  While I am getting ready the boys are getting into their suites and the table was set with tapas of all sorts, vegan and tapas for the meat lovers. 

    We are all talking and I see out the window the car of Kyle’s parents…I start talking really loud Kyles’ parents are here…Kyles’ parents are here…Shawn keeps saying no they aren’t that is just my neighbors…Ha Ha! It was them all dressed up with wine and gifts to bring…Surprise Again!  I am truly happy…but in the back of my mind, I was trying to be strong as I really wanted my mom and dad, Kent, here too.  We said prayer and starting eating…little did I know that my parents had pulled into the driveway.  I started to take a bite and around the corner I see Kent…I almost choked and the tears just came pouring out!  I was so happy they were here.  You will have to ask them about how fast they were driving with the RV from Indiana to Ohio someday.  It was yet another wonderful surprise!!

    The day was still not over…for then…we all headed to Velvet Tango Room in Cleveland.  The secret speakeasy room in the back had been reserved.  We celebrated together as family with lots of laughs pictures and banana’s fosters table-side.  It was a day I will remember forever and thankful to Jehovah for my soon-to-be husband that I love and my beautiful family!

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